10 Best Work from Home Jobs in 2020 to 2021

10 Best Work from Home Jobs in 2020 to 2021

10 Best Work from Home Jobs in 2020 to 2021

No transportation needed with work from home jobs, just some cozy slippers

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By Lu, OTL City Guides, Seat Fillers, and Guide me at Home Mentors


It’s a new world, and work from home jobs are highly coveted.

During the COVID-19 lockdowns, more than 40% of full-time employees were home officing, and the number isn’t going to drop significantly.

Whether your employer isn’t home office-friendly, you’re looking for a new opportunity or a side gig; you’ll be happy to know that there are options available to you right now. With the following information and resources, you could sign up and be working from home in a matter of weeks or even days.

So, I’ve put together a list of ten of the best websites for work from home jobs. While you might be familiar with a few, I’ve tried to hit the highlights of different industries.

And, if I could provide a shameless (or prideful) plug, please take time to read through number three, OTL Guide Me at Home (guidemetomentors.com). It’s mentoring and tutoring, but unlike anything you’ve seen before.

1. Work at home as a close captioner with Rev

If you’ve ever clicked on close captioning on a video or TV show, you have to figure that the words don’t magically appear. Many smaller productions rely on transcriptionists or “captioners” to accurately provide a much-needed service for anyone with hearing challenges.

About five years ago, I did some close captioning work for Rev to earn some part-time income. I will say that there’s a bit of a learning curve, and it helps to have a good pair of headphones, but you don’t need any special equipment.

Be patient if you haven’t done it before, as it takes practice, but Rev can provide an entertaining work from home job. The company has more than 60,000 Revvers and is accepting more.

By the way, Rev has offices in Austin and San Francisco and posts other opportunities in those cities, as well as remote customer service positions aside from close captioning.

2. If you’re a counselor, you can work from home with agencies like BetterHelp.com

Unlike many other career opportunities on this list, you need to have specific qualifications for a work from home job with BetterHelp.com.

BetterHelp provides clients with counseling through messaging, phone, video, and other materials. So, you need to be comfortable with multiple communication methods. Most importantly, though, you must have proper credentials, as one of the following:

  • Clinical social worker
  • Marriage and family therapist
  • Mental health counselor
  • Professional counselor
  • Psychologist
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3. OTL Guide Me at Home Mentoring – for traditional teachers and tutors, plus business mentors and subject matter experts

OTL Guide Me at Home Mentoring (guidemetomentors.com) is a new “club” by OTL, or On the List, City Guides & Seat Fillers.

The premise of the OTL Guide Me at Home is to go old school with our new school and work-styles. That means one-to-one guidance instead of text messaging or manuals. It’s a service for all ages and subjects, so “Mentors” can be teachers by profession, as well as tutors, student teachers, business mentors, subject matter experts.

If you teach art, music, baking, etc., and are open to one-on-one instruction, Guide Me at Home is for you.

Business mentors as well as traditional teachers

As I’m an entrepreneur, I specifically focus on the mentoring aspect of it. Business mentors can be so valuable to entrepreneurs. Guide Me doesn’t have to be formal instruction or question and answers. It can be a place for people to book a 30-minute phone or video session, kick around ideas and formulate plans.

So, as a work at home job, being a Guide Me at Home Mentor lets you hang a virtual shingle with the support of a new and supportive website. You don’t have to schedule or invoice Mentees, as it’s taken care of for you. You just set up shop, do your thing, and make $50/hour.

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4. Arise Work from Home specializes in customer service opportunities

Like OTL Guide Me at Home, you have the option to set up your own business and secure clients through Arise Work from Home. But you can also work directly for the company.

Arise clients, and customer service agents are in the US, UK, and Canada. Its clients include major companies like Intuit Quickbooks, Carnival, and Dick’s Sporting Goods. While assignments vary in scope and size, they’re primarily customer service-oriented work from home jobs.

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5. Fiverr lets you showcase your made writing, computer, and design skills

I’d be remiss if I didn’t include Fiverr in this list of ten best work at home jobs, as I’ve been hiring Fiverr specialists for years. I got the idea for OTL Guide Me at Home based on my positive experiences with Fiverr.

While OTL Guide Me at Home Mentors teach and tutor you or guide you to solutions, Fiverr specialists do the work for you. Whether you design logos, are a WordPress developer, copywriter, SEO specialist, or have a business talent to share, you can make money doing short-term projects.

Fiverr lets you get right to work, so you can sign up and get your profile up today. Once again, like Arise, and Guide Me to Mentors, it’s your business. You work according to your schedule.

By the way, if you haven’t visited Fiverr in a while, $5 gigs are now few and far between. Fiverr specialists still provide clients with a great

6. Upwork is like Fiverr on a slightly more corporate scale

I’m going to segue to Upwork, as the service is similar to Fiverr. However, Upwork contractors have a more extensive application process, along with some skills tests.

Whereas Fiverr’s specialty is a variety of services at the lowest price for clients, Upwork caters to bigger businesses so that Upwork contractors can charge a higher hourly rate.

Upwork has freelancers and clients in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

7. If you have excellent typing skills, you could be an ideal Transcribe Me transcriptionist

Transcribe Me is a bit like Rev in that you’re listening and turning audio or video into written words. However, unlike Rev, you’re probably not going to be matching up the words to what’s happening on the screen. Instead, you’re listening and typing as fast as you can.

The interview process with Transcribe Me is a little test with two to four-minute clips. So, when you’re ready, they’re ready, too.

8. Cambridge Proofreading and Editing has a unique work from home opportunity

edit and proofread from home, Are you the kind of person that can look at a page, and a typo immediately pops up to you? Or, you’d never even dream about ending a sentence with a preposition or use a dangling modifier?

If so, and you have at least a Bachelor’s degree, you can earn about $20-$25 hourly as a proofreader with Cambridge Proofreading and Editing. Experience in academic writing and expertise in business, computer science, education, or economics is also helpful as you’ll be able to request assignments based on proficiency.

Cambridge Proofreading and Editing has clients worldwide, pays twice monthly, and, like the other services on this list, you set your schedule.

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9. “Boldly” move forward with work from home as a marketing or social media specialist

Unlike the other fantastic work at home jobs on this list, Boldly provides a more traditional work situation with W2-based employment.

You’re still a remote employee and can decide how much time you can devote to your career, but it’s more of a structured environment. While Boldly hires for various positions, some of the expected openings are in marketing and social media. There are also legal and executive assistant and project management opportunities.

Boldly also has unique work from home jobs for military spouses.

10. Be a virtual assistant with Assistant Match

Assistant Match is like a marketplace for both companies and individuals who need virtual assistants for an hour or two or an ongoing basis.

You could be hired to do things like make phone calls and schedule appointments. If you have a writing background, you could do some writing or editing. There’s online shopping, data entry, social media posting, or blogging.

The tasks through Assistant Match are all over the place. So, don’t count it out if you don’t think you have the proper background, as you could be surprised.

Final Thoughts on Work from Home Jobs

I didn’t initially intend for this particular conclusion. But, as I was writing this and learned more about my top picks for work at home jobs, I realized that you could set up an entire business using more than one of these services.

For example, let’s say that you’re a freelance website developer or designer. You could promote your skills with a Fiverr and Upwork profile. Additionally, you could use OTL Guide Me at Home, and sign up as a Mentor to help people who have website development questions or use your artistic talent to guide them toward a unique web design.

Part-time, full-time, it doesn’t matter. If you have a computer and the desire to secure a work from home job, then you’ve got some resources to kick-start your adventure. You don’t need transportation, just some cozy slippers!


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