What are Good Part Time Jobs for Teachers (from home, not boring, and available now!)?

What are Good Part Time Jobs for Teachers (from home, not boring, and available now!)?

What are Good Part Time Jobs for Teachers (from home, not boring, and available now!)?

Earning extra income can be fun with unique part time job ideas for teachers (and everyone else, too!)

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How to Find the Best Part Time Jobs for Teachers


By Lu – OTL City Guides & Seat Fillers

You develop lesson plans and pour heart and soul into providing your students with not only the best education but a supportive environment. So, it’s probably frustrating that you’re looking for the best part-time jobs for teachers when you’re in a short supply of time and energy.

Be happy that you’re here, though, because I’ve got you covered. I’ve researched and stretched my imagination to come up with some off-the-wall ideas. They’re not only the most outstanding part-time jobs for teachers (and others!), but convenient. That means you can take advantage of any of them right from the comforts of home on a flexible schedule.

And, no, they’re not all part-time online teaching jobs. In fact, there are very few on the list (even though tutoring can be lucrative), as there are plenty of other ways to use your talents that’ll fit in with your busy schedule.

What to Look for in the Best Part Time Jobs for Teachers


Whether you’re looking for opportunities to teach outside the classroom or entirely different non-educational part time jobs for teachers, considerations are similar.


  • Scheduling flexibility – whether you’re looking for evenings, weekends, or both
  • No investment required – you should never have to pay for special equipment or the opportunity to work
  • Competitive pay – while you might need to settle for a bit less with home-based part-time jobs for teachers, be sure to weigh the pros and cons (no travel time, flexibility, etc.)
  • Something you enjoy – with so many options, don’t go after a part-time gig that you’ll dread; there’s a whole new world of possibilities, so have fun with it
  • Tax write-offs – when you decide to take a home-based part-time online teaching job or any other type of gig, you might have some tax deductions that’ll put more money in your pocket
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Unique Opportunities for Part Time Online Teaching

I’ll get to the part time jobs for teachers that don’t involve teaching in the next section. But most educators love what they do and are good at it. So, I wanted to highlight a few opportunities that’ll draw directly from your instructional expertise.


Write Education Based Articles

I’m going to include some writing gigs in the next section. But you’ll find that quite a few companies prefer experienced teachers or professors to write articles in the education realm.

Freelance Mom is one of the sites accepting guest posts from professionals who know their stuff.


Create Self Learning Material

Before you get too excited, I need to tell you that Tutorials Point is looking for teachers to create written tutorials. However, most of the subject matter is computer-based or more technical. So, if you’re looking to submit elementary school lessons, it’s not going to be your best bet.


Go Old School out of School with Mentoring for Our New World

I know you’ll forgive me for making a shameless plug here. But I’m proud of OTL Guide Me to Mentors, and it’s a great way to set up your own side business.

Our Mentors have expertise across the board, from traditional teaching to business mentoring, senior health care, languages, and specialty skills. The cool part of being a Mentor is you set your own schedule, but we take care of everything else. So, you post your available hours, and then when you get an appointment, you mentor via phone or video chat. We even take payment and turn it around within 24 hours via PayPal.

OTL Guide Me to Mentors isn’t exactly a part time job for teachers (although you get paid). Instead, it’s more of a collective of Mentors that support each other and a platform to share talents, hang your own virtual shingle, running your business from within the Guide Me site. Win-Win (win, win, win)!

Share Your Skills:  BE A MENTOR

30 Minutes of Undivided AttentionBOOK A MENTOR

Innovative Non-Teaching Ideas for Part-Time Jobs for Teachers

The following are some innovative (and fun!) part-time jobs for teachers – and non-teachers too!  I’ve tried to mix things up with a variety of opportunities. If you like a category, such as writing, there are other online writing gigs. But these should get the ball rolling.




Online Verdict Paid jurors Visit Online Verdict
ClearVoice Writing assignments Visit ClearVoice
Resolution Research Paid online studies Visit Resolution Research
Jury Talk Legal focus groups Visit Jury Talk
FrontStream Remote data entry coordinator Visit FrontStream
Scribie Transcribe audio and video files Visit Scribie
LiveOps Remote call center Visit LiveOps
U Haul Part-time contact center Visit U Haul
VIP Desk Customer service Visit VIP Desk
OTL Guide Me at Home Mentoring and tutoring via phone and video chat Visit OTL Guide Me at Home
Listverse Create top ten lists Visit Listverse
Tutorials Point Develop self-learning material Visit Tutorials Point
Craft Bits Get paid for unique “how to make” projects Visit Craft Bits
Freelance Mom Write education-based articles Visit Freelance Mom
Knitty Sell your original knitting or crocheting patterns Visit Knitty
Zirtual Be a virtual assistant Visit Zirtual
Voices Be a remote voice actor Visit Voices
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