Can You (and Should You) Turn Your Entrepreneur Business Ideas Into Reality?

Can You (and Should You) Turn Your Entrepreneur Business Ideas Into Reality?

Can You (and Should You) Turn Your Entrepreneur Business Ideas Into Reality?

We’ve got some of the most common questions future entrepreneurs ask – and answers that will turn business ideas into businesses!

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Can you (and should you) turn your entrepreneur business ideas into reality?

The Most Common Questions New Entrepreneurs Ask About Starting a Business

By Amelia, Guest Blogger

Over time, many of the hundreds of thousands of business projects that entrepreneurs start each year never make it, as there are several stumbling blocks and failures along the way.  Some are doomed to falter even after impressive rocket launches.

Many of these non-success stories are due to inadequate planning and not knowing how to conquer the challenges of starting a business. We believe that bringing entrepreneur business ideas into fruition is easier with the help of a mentor. Mentors can guide you along the way, making the process easier, even if you’re intent on going it alone with your business.

But, before you ask anyone else questions, you have to pose some to yourself. So, we’ve compiled some of the most common questions entrepreneurs ask about starting a business. If you have one or several entrepreneur business ideas and considering being a self-starter, these are food for thought.

Common questions such as…


Do I Have What it Takes to Start a Business?

How do you, as an entrepreneur, know if you have the qualities needed to succeed? Take some time and jot down your goals, work habits, and level of commitment.

You’ll need a willingness to make sacrifices and interpersonal skills to deal with various individuals, including attorneys, staff, salespeople, and clients.

One of the essential traits, though, is to take on all roles at one time. Even if you end up with some employees or co-workers, you have to know how everything works when it’s your business. You can’t manage a project if you don’t know what’s involved.

How Do I Know if Now is the Right Time to Start My Own Business?

A common question that most entrepreneurs ask is when the time is right. But part of the answer requires a leap of faith. You can have experts provide you with their opinions with facts and figures to back them up. However, it’s your business in more ways than one, so you’re the ultimate judge, and there’s more to it than just an awesome business idea.

We can suggest that it’s helpful to put together a comprehensive plan, including a realistic budget. As you’re compiling the information, research all of the ways you can get leads and market your new venture. If you start your new business with your eyes wide open and still feel optimistic, then any time is the right time.

What Inspired Me to Start My Own Business?

You’ll find that “what inspired me to start my own business” is one of the most common questions entrepreneurs ask after jumping in with both feet.

Every so often, all independent business professionals need a reminder of why they made the sacrifices. That’s because the reason behind turning your entrepreneurial business ideas into reality could make the difference between powering through or throwing in the towel.

Your desire to become an entrepreneur must be strong enough to get you through the highs and lows of the journey. Working part-time when caring for your children, working as a 1099 before a better opportunity arises, or having nothing better to do aren’t always the best reasons to start your own company.

When everything clicks, though, success is sweet!

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How Will I Find Leads? What Techniques and Approaches Should I Employ?

Locating potential buyers quickly to close deals and where and how to reach out to potential customers is a key element to every successful entrepreneurial endeavor. And, isn’t this one of the questions that bothers every entrepreneur out there?

Finding leads is one of the most common questions entrepreneurs ask, and the answer is that you’ll want to put together a comprehensive plan based on whether you have an online or in-person business.

Start a pre-marketing campaign

Some of the techniques cross over, but physical locations require customers in the door, whereas online businesses are entirely virtual. At the very least, you’ll need a website or landing page facilitating email opt-ins, some social media presence, and referral programs.

We suggest getting a headstart. Whether your business idea is virtual or in-person, you can still put up a one-page website and start collecting emails. The sooner you get your name out there, the better.

No budget required

In addition to the landing page, incorporate free marketing methods. There are so many, depending on your business or service. But some include a LinkedIn business page, Alignable, and other social media sites.

Scroll down to our section on self-promotion, as many of the ideas crossover. However, don’t hesitate to get an early jump on things. If you use free lead-finding techniques and then decide that you’re not ready to move forward, the worst-case scenario is that you have an email list for the future.

How Can I Solve the Three Significant Challenges that Every New Company Faces: Money, Product, and Pricing?

The most common explanation for companies going bankrupt in their first year is a lack of capitalization. Figuring out how to fund the start-up is one of the top questions for every entrepreneur. Building a product or service necessitates investing time and resources to create these materials and clarify the target market’s wants and needs.

If you’re starting from scratch, we recommend hiring a mentor if you don’t have access to a friend or family member with solid business acumen.

Another suggestion is to contact your local SBA office. Many US cities have SCORE programs, with retired professionals who volunteer their time to help local businesses and entrepreneurs.

I Have Plenty of Entrepreneur Business Ideas, But What Steps Should I Take to Ensure My Company’s Success?

This question gets to the heart of your determination and what you’re willing (and not willing) to do to succeed as an entrepreneur. Every new venture necessitates an assessment of your discipline and diligence in relation to your desired degree of performance.

There are plenty of questions entrepreneurs ask, but they all revolve around the quest for success.

Add to your marketing toolbox

One of the best tips that we can share is to take advantage of every opportunity available to you. Don’t be tunnel-visioned. If you take the time to learn some online marketing strategies, use social media to your advantage, and build an email list, you’re well on your way.

The best part is that virtual marketing opportunities are free or relatively inexpensive. You just have to be willing to take the time to do the research and learn some new skills.

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What Should I Do for Self-Promotion?

The process of getting strangers into your network and piquing their curiosity is what marketing yourself is all about. It necessitates strategic planning that allows potential customers to connect with you, experience your value proposition, and create confidence before becoming a sale. It is not enough to create a website or a social networking site.

Just a few free (or inexpensive) promotional methods to help you turn your entrepreneur business ideas into reality:

  • Website landing page (with simple email opt-in)
  • LinkedIn business page
  • Alignable (for business networking)
  • Local directories
  • Google My Business
  • A YouTube video (if you can’t do one yourself, you can order one on Fiverr for under $100)
  • Content marketing – continuously post information that benefits readers and, in turn, they’ll find you
  • Other social media – Twitter, *Pinterest, etc.

An easy way to conduct a sweepstakes

One of the best ways to jump-start the process is to hold a raffle or sweepstakes. You don’t have to go all-in with an expensive prize that you can’t afford. Instead, come up with something that your target market is interested in and offer something along those lines. Or give away a sample product or service you’re promoting.

To make things much easier for you, check out Rafflepress. It takes care of sweepstakes from the entry form to the rules to a one-click winner draw. It’s only $39, and it’s well worth it. You’ll end up with a database of email opt-ins, and you’ll have options for entrants to do some social shares in exchange for extra sweepstakes entries.

*A Pinterest Tip

Were you aware that every month nearly 460 million people worldwide are active on Pinterest? The social media brand might not be top of mind when you’re ready to market your entrepreneurial business ideas, but it makes sense.

You can grow your following organically if you don’t have a marketing budget or give it a shot with a low-budget advertising campaign. You get quite a bit of bang for your buck (or pound, franc, etc.) with Pinterest.

Our tip is to check out PicMonkey if you plan to use Pinterest. Not only is there a Pin template for both image and video pins, but it’s a first-rate graphic design tool for ads, banners, website images, etc. Even if you’re building a website, the paid plan that’s just about $100 a year includes stock images and stock videos. It’ll make your business life so much easier!

Create images for your business or brand

How Long Should I Be Involved in My Company Before I Start to See a Steady Stream of Income?

Given that most start-ups take years to establish a healthy and reliable revenue stream, you’ll need to assess your finances and figure out what you’ll do in the meantime. Turning your homegrown business idea into reality has a personal aspect to it as well. You need to decide how long you’re willing to invest to reap the benefits of your investment.

You’ve heard success stories of instant-hit businesses, along with others that limped along for years before something clicked. There are all kinds of exciting entrepreneur business ideas, but implementing them is a different story.

With your own business, you’ll never reach the finish line. However, the more creative, motivated, and willing to experiment with new marketing programs, the quicker you’ll be a contender in the race.


The Bottom Line

In conclusion, one of the most rewarding, demanding, and exciting endeavors anyone may undertake is to become an entrepreneur. The transition from an employee to a self-starter is well worth the effort if you want to take control of your career. You’ll create something that gives you long-term control, providing yourself with the ultimate in independence and versatility.

Wait… there’s more! Keep reading…


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Wait – One More Q & A About Implementing Entrepreneur Business Ideas

Before you go – this is Lu with OTL (City Guides, Seat Fillers, and Guide Me to Mentors), and I have an answer to one more common question entrepreneurs ask.

Where do I turn when I have questions or simply want to bounce some ideas around with another business professional?

This particular question is one of the primary reasons why we started OTL Guide Me at Home mentoring.

I’m an entrepreneur overseeing OTL, and my expertise involves building websites, content writing, and marketing. But I’m an old-school marketer specializing in grassroots programs. So, it’s frustrating when I feel lost with something new like Google Analytics.

Step by step guidance

I read manuals, watch videos, but there are times when I could really use someone to walk me through my particular situation.

For example, with Google Analytics, I’d love for someone to show me where to put tracking codes and what I should be monitoring and improving. In a half-hour, I’d be ready to move forward instead of banging my head against the wall.

So, if you’re an entrepreneur and in the same boat, needing support or answers to questions, OTL Guide Me at Home is an inexpensive and handy solution. You get 30 minutes on the phone or video chat with the expert of your choice for just $35.

One of the most common questions for entrepreneurs turning their business ideas into viable operations is how to find a mentor, and now YOU have the answer.


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Going Old School with New School, Lifestyles, and Work-styles with OTL Guide Me at Home!

Where do YOU want to be guided?

Why Teachers and Entrepreneurs Should Go Bananas for PicMonkey

Why Teachers and Entrepreneurs Should Go Bananas for PicMonkey

Why Teachers and Entrepreneurs Should Go Bananas for PicMonkey

PicMonkey is going to change your work life! Make flyers, create ads, develop social media custom designs that rival the pros and take just minutes.

Why Teachers and Entrepreneurs Should Go Wild for PicMonkey

By Lu – OTL City Guides & Seat Fillers

I love sharing the best products and services with family and friends. While I typically gravitate to the latest in hair, makeup, and skincare, it’s equally as exciting to discover an app or program that makes life easier. That’s why I wanted to devote an entire post singing the praises of PicMonkey.


Before I continue, let me just say that I’ve purchased PicMonkey annual memberships since 2016, when a premium membership was only $33. But PicMonkey then and PicMonkey now are two different things. So, if you haven’t checked in for a while or don’t know much about the flyer maker, graphic maker, social media design tool, please don’t leave yet. Hear me out, as I think you’ll be excited about what 2021’s PicMonkey has to offer.



Introducing or Reintroducing the PicMonkey Graphic Maker

A few months ago, I was chatting with my best friend, who happens to be a second-grade teacher. I mentioned PicMonkey, assuming she had a membership plan as well. After all, PicMonkey for teachers goes together like chocolate and peanut butter.

Surprise, surprise, she had never used it before. Well, I took her on a tour, and PicMonkey now has a new user. If you were an early days user, you might recall that graphics didn’t have layers, editing was challenging, and images were limited to seasonal clip art.

So, you’d have trees at Christmas, plenty of Valentine’s Day hearts, and some spooky Halloween add-ons. There were also some comic book-style graphics and symbols, but not a whole lot more. Still, compared to learning a more complicated program, like Photoshop, PicMonkey was perfect for simple design projects. That was then, but PicMonkey now is the complete package.

  • Text
  • Graphics
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Templates

I’ll fill in the blanks along the way. But you can pick a template, change the image, the font, rearrange the components, move layers around, and even produce MP4 video ads or Pinterest pins. The best part is that photos and videos are included in a relatively low annual membership fee.

Is PicMonkey Easy to Use?

I’m an entrepreneur, and it seems like I have to learn something new every day. Even if I want to add something to this website, I have to research and learn how to use a new plugin or module. I’ve tried to master Photoshop and Illustrator, but it’s a time-consuming process that I’ll leave to talented graphic designers. Trust me when I tell you that PicMonkey is easy to use – I use it at least once a week.

But one of the benefits of PicMonkey is that your masterpieces don’t look like they were easy to produce. That’s a win-win in my book. Toward the top of this page is a Pinterest pin that I made a few days ago to promote It took me less than ten minutes, and I pulled the pictures right from the iStock by Getty photo gallery included in the annual cost of PicMonkey.


The Awesome PicMonkey Templates

One of the best new additions is the collection of PicMonkey templates. They’re sized perfectly for social media posts. So, there are templates for Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. PicMonkey templates also cover banners, business cards, flyers, gift certificates, calendars, cards, checklists, and other categories. You can put together a quick ad, collage, or printed piece quickly.

Templates are just one of the reasons why PicMonkey is easy to use. But, you always have the option to start from scratch with a blank canvas and show off your mad design skills.

I put together a quick (and silent) video posted above that’ll show you how quick and easy it is to customize a template by switching out text, images, and videos.

PicMonkey versus Canva

I know that many people are loyal Canva users, which’s great as long as it does what you need. I’ve used Canva a few times, and it outshined the original PicMonkey service. However, I think that all of the additions that PicMonkey has made, especially over the past year, have turned PicMonkey into a real graphic design contender. In my opinion, Canva has more templates, but PicMonkey has better customization tools.


What Can PicMonkey Do For You?


The Best Flyer Maker

I did a little research, and it’s incredible how many people search for easy flyer makers. I’m assuming they’re talking about online flyers, as you don’t see as many printed versions around these days. But whether you need to print or virtual send a flyer, PicMonkey is pretty darn helpful. You can pull up templates and use the smart resize function to make them any size you need.

PicMonkey is Social Media Ready

I mentioned that PicMonkey has social media templates. They have made life so much easier for me. Instead of researching the optimal size for Twitter compared to LinkedIn, the templates are preformatted. Even if the PicMonkey social media templates don’t suit your needs design-wise, you can still start with one and then change everything from the color scheme to the fonts to the images. At least you don’t have to worry about the dimensions.

Make Your Own Ad

Entrepreneurs will be happy about this one, as PicMonkey works well for designing ads. Not only do you have templates and all of the design tools, but smart resize will be your best friend. If you’ve run a Google ad, you know that Google loves to have an entire collection with different ad sizes. So, all you have to do is create one and then resize, turning horizontal ads into vertical layouts, and squares into leaderboards.

Design Your Own Logo

I’ll be honest here. Unless you’re looking for a simple logo, you might be better off using a logo maker or hiring someone. However, if you want a simple logo, even a circular one, you can use PicMonkey layers to develop something unique. Put one element behind another, hide half of an image; it’s all possible now. I have a PicMonkey logo tip, though.

If you go to “add text,” there’s an entire collection of text templates that you might not think about using for logos. However, the text is set up in circles and unusual configurations so that you could design something really cool and one-of-a-kind. So, to create the best logos in PicMonkey, skip the templates and go straight to text.

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PicMonkey Pricing

As you can tell, I’m a fan of PicMonkey. While I wish that the service was still just $33 annually, it’s a bargain with all you get, especially the thousands of photos and videos. Is PicMonkey Free? While PicMonkey isn’t technically free, there is a free trial. You can test out the service for a week to see if you like it. But then you have to quit or commit.


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Going Old School with New School, Lifestyles, and Work-styles with OTL Guide Me at Home!

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