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Sandra W.

  • Public Speaking

  • Business Coach

  • Life Coach

  • Writing

  • Mentoring for Kidpreneurs and Teenpreneurs

  • Motivational Speaking

Location: US Eastern Time

Professional Speaker, Business and Life Coach, and Author Sandra Moaney Wright provides programs, keynotes, retreats for organizations – helping to educate, inspire and empower them, one step at a time!  Her presentations are delivered with cutting-edge content.  She is not a lukewarm presenter that gives you 8 out of 10.   She will rock you beyond your boundaries and open up possibilities unlimited.  She equips audiences with the tools that will allow them to walk through new paths…courageously! When you hear her speak…get ready for the RIDE of your life!!

  • Public Speaking
  • Business Coach
  • Live Coach
  • Presentations
  • Mentoring “Kidpreneurs”
  • Mentoring “Teenpreneurs”

Sandra is CEO (Chief Empowerment Officer) for her seminar business, Moaney Wright & Associates.  She has provided corporations, healthcare facilities with training and motivational keynote speeches.  She has been a keynote speaker during Administrative Support Week Activities, Nurses’ Week and Volunteer Week.  Additionally, Sandra is a facilitator for Mini-Society which is an educational workshop for kidpreneurs, she hosts a female youth leadership academy each summer, and has been a presenter for Black Enterprise Magazine for their Black Enterprise (Teenpreneur-section) Annual Conference.

Additionally, under her business umbrella is Possibilities Unlimited for Women, Inc. a networking venue that provides support to women in promoting who she is and what she does as a business owner and developing new business alliances globally.


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Specialties: Public Speaking, Business Coach, Live Coach, Presentations, Mentoring “Kidpreneurs”, Mentoring “Teen-preneurs”


Sandra’s Location: US Eastern Time