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Jay C.

  • Business Coach

  • Public Speaking

  • Life Coach

  • Meditation

Location: US- Pacific Time Zone

It was early in life that a spirit of volunteerism and compassion was instilled in me. My mother was principal of a school for developmentally challenged individuals and I committed to chaperoning as a wheelchair attendant for events outside of the school. I also assisted in the school’s workshop, an onsite jobs-oriented facility that allowed the students to earn compensation for small manual labor jobs for local assembly businesses.  This was in my latter grade school and high school years and was a formative part in developing my sense of empathy for those less fortunate.

  • Business Coach
  • Life Coach
  • Public Speaking
  • Meditiation

These active involvements saw me apply the same principles of compassion and patience that I learned early, as I navigated the often-difficult world of corporate compliance and regulation. These experiences helped to groom my world view. Outside of finance and exchange activities, I am the father of 5 children, grandfather to 3. My family commitments and involvement mirrored his professional zeal. Over the years and away from finance, I have been involved in:

  • Evergreen Park T-Ball League
  • Evergreen Park farm volunteer. Cleaning stables, grooming horses.
  • Galway Fellowship
  • Chicago Council on Global Affairs
  • Rex Foundation, a nonprofit serving the community at the grassroots level
  • Chair of the By-Laws Committee for the Clear Lake Woods Property Owners Association


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Specialties: Life Coaching, Business Coaching, Public Speaking, Meditation


Lee’s Time Zone: US – Pacific