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3. In the meantime, be sure to make your two-minute video and write a short bio (old-school checklist on the right).

This is a club where we support each other. So, step by step, we’ll get everything rolling, so that Mentees know where to find you and when you’re available.

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    Your video can be a personal one where you point the camera at yourself and do your thing. Or, you can do a whiteboard or blackboard video, or any style that you prefer. We’ve got a blog post that details three easy ways to make a video.

    The point of the video is to give potential Mentees a taste of your expertise and provide a valuable marketing tool. You’re giving a mini-lesson away for free to capture attention, but we’ll add a link to schedule an appointment with you in the video description area.



    Give us 100-200 words about your talents. Brag about yourself and your skillset. Mentees refer to the bios and videos to figure out who they can turn to assistance.

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