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What is OTL Guide Me at Home?

OTL Guide Me at Home is part of OTL City Guides and Seat Fillers. It’s a go-to resource for online help and a place to find an actual mentor who will guide you. Mentors, teachers, tutors, and subject matter experts are standing by for traditional school (homeschooling or distance learning), as well as help for entrepreneurs or anyone who has questions and needs answers without scouring the internet for videos or manuals. Users select phone or video chat and book 30 minutes at a time.

What makes OTL Guide Me at Home different?

Most online resources provide self-teaching tools, like videos or printed materials. As an alternative, there are services like Fiverr or Upwork where you can hire experts to do the work for you. With OTL Guide Me at Home, you get virtual hand-holding with a phone call or video chat to answer questions, help you set up programs, for tutoring, mentoring, or other computer-based problems.

Who are the ideal OTL Guide Me at Home users (aka "Mentees")?

The beauty of OTL Guide Me at Home is that no one is left out, as it’s for “Mentees,” adults and children of all ages. It’s ideal for entrepreneurs who get stuck starting or amid a project. It’s also a great resource for distance learning or traditional homeschooling for both students and parents. 

How do I book time with a Mentor?

Getting started with OTL Guide Me at Home is easy. All you do is review the list of Mentors (teachers, tutors, subject matter experts, business mentors) to find one that suits your needs. Then, you can book your appointment and select the phone or video chat option. You’ll pay online, and will receive an email appointment reminder. You might even be able to book on the spot, depending on the type of mentoring you need.

What if I need more time after my 30-minute appointment?

If you book a 30-minute session and find that you need extra time, you can extend it for another 30 if your teacher or trainer is available.

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

You can cancel or reschedule your appointment anytime up to four hours in advance. Please do your best to provide as much notice as possible, though, as your Mentor has already blocked off his or her valuable time for your session. Without a four-hour notice, only 50% of your session will be refunded.


How much does OTL Guide Me at Home cost?

OTL Guide Me at Home Mentoring sessions are $35 for 30 minutes of undivided attention via phone call or video chat.

What if I just have a quick question that won't take 30 minutes to answer?

OTL Guide Me at Home will soon be launching open discussion groups and, depending on who’s currently monitoring the discussions, you may be able to have your question answered that way. In the meantime, you might find that you could use 30 minutes of undivided attention from a Mentor. You can get questions answered and kick around some ideas. 

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