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    Frequently Asked Questions


    What is OTL Guide Me at Home?

    OTL Guide Me at Home is part of OTL City Guides and Seat Fillers. It’s a go-to resource for online help and a place to find an actual mentor who will guide you. Mentors, teachers, tutors, and subject matter experts are standing by for traditional school (homeschooling or distance learning), as well as help for entrepreneurs or anyone who has questions and needs answers without scouring the internet for videos or manuals. Users select phone or video chat and book 30 minutes at a time.

    How much does a session with a Mentor cost?

    OTL Guide Me at Home standard sessions are $35 for 30 minutes of undivided attention on the phone or through video chat.

    How do I book time with a Mentor?

    Getting started with OTL Guide Me at Home is easy. All you do is review the list of Mentors (teachers, tutors, subject matter experts, business mentors) to find one that suits your needs. Then, you can book your appointment and select the phone or video chat option. You’ll pay online, and will receive an email appointment reminder.

    How does OTL Guide Me at Home benefit its club members - aka "Mentors"?

    If you’re a teacher, business professional, or subject matter expert, you can set up your own mini-business through the Guide Me club in just a few minutes. As part of the “club,” OTL promotes you, gives you access to the auto-scheduling system, and invoices Mentees for your time. But you work for yourself, not for OTL or anyone else. You set your schedule and handle your taxes through your self-employment.

    How do I get started as a Mentor with OTL Guide Me at Home?

    All you have to do is go directly to the “Join the Club” page. Fill out the form, and we’ll get the ball rolling.