Be a Mentor

Be a Mentor


Are you a Mentor, Teacher, Tutor, or Subject Matter Expert?


Then, be a part of OTL Guide Me at Home. You can virtually “hang a shingle” and have your own side service as part of this unique mentorship club.


It’s the club where you Don’t Pay; you Get Paid!

Mentors – Mentees

Mentors = business mentors, teachers, tutors, and subject matter experts

Mentees = entrepreneurs or students of ALL ages

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Is the Guide Me at Home Mentoring Club for YOU?


If you’re thinking about becoming an OTL Guide Me at Home Mentor, ask yourself these questions:


  1. Do I have a few extra hours a week?


  1. Can I provide a 100-200 word bio and two-minute video that OTL can use to promote me and the service in general?


  1. Am I PayPal ready to receive session payments?


  1. Can I keep track of my session payments and any expenses I may incur for tax purposes, as I’m my own employer and not employed by OTL?


  1. Will I remember to update my schedule so clients know when I’m available?


  1. Do I have 10-15 minutes a week to participate in Guide Me at Home discussions and promote my fellow club members on social media?


  1. Am I willing to share my expertise through phone calls and video chats?

What IS OTL Guide Me at Home Mentoring?


Meet the newest member of the OTL family, joining the OTL City Guides and Seat Fillers.


OTL Guide Me at Home for Mentors

Along with OTL Seat Fillers, Guide Me at Home is a second membership club.

But instead of community seat fillers, this one is for mentors, teachers, tutors, and subject matter experts. It’s a place to share expertise, help others, and earn part-time income on your schedule.


Guide Me Mentoring for Everyone

Guide Me is also a service for the public.

It’s a place that entrepreneurs go to find a mentor and kick around some ideas, or students of all ages receive tutoring, training, or guidance. Services cover traditional schooling and help with distance learning, necessary computer skills for students of all ages, and more.

Mentors use 30-minute phone calls or video chat sessions to communicate with Mentees. There’s no need to waste type typing into a chatbox. Guide Me at Home is a voice-to-voice personal service.

Benefits of Being a Mentor through OTL Guide Me at Home

A Mentoring Club

Mentors are part of a supportive club. There’s no cost to “hang a virtual shingle,” and your dues is paid through session deposits – not by you directly.

You Don't Pay Dues

Mentors are part of the OTL Guide Me at Home Club. But Mentors don’t pay dues, they GET PAID through mentoring sessions.

We're in it TOGETHER!

The OTL Guide Me at Home Club and “Mentor” members support each other through discussion groups, social media postings, and spread the word.

A Supportive Community

The OTL Seat Fillers Club concept has been a win-win for entertainment partners and members. So, OTL has designed the Guide Me at Home mentoring club with the same win-win philosophy.

Mentors run their own side business as part of the club, and Mentees get one-on-one undivided attention. OTL facilitates the scheduling process, promotes the club concept, and handles invoicing for club members, but Mentors do their own scheduling and provide marketing tools with a short bio and two-minute video.

  • Auto-scheduling system
  • Pay Pal invoicing
  • Email appointment confirmations
  • Promotion of Mentors’ videos on YouTube
  • Discussion groups
  • Club members (Mentors) support each other
  • Mentors don’t pay – they GET Paid

In a Nutshell, Here’s How OTL Guide Me at Home Works


1. Mentors join the club by providing their bio, optional video, basic information, and photo or avatar

2. The OTL Guide Me at Home Club posts bios and videos of Mentors on the website and YouTube

3. Mentors post their availability through an auto-scheduling system

4. Sessions are booked by Mentees based on their preferred Mentors and availability

5. Mentees pay for sessions prior to the appointment

6. Upon receipt of payment, OTL transfers the session fee to the Mentor (within 24 hours via PayPal)

7. If a Mentee wants to book subsequent sessions, they can do so at a discounted rate

8. Weekly session packages are also available

9. Outside of the formal sessions, Mentors are encouraged to participate in the Guide Me online discussion groups

10. OTL Guide Me at Home club members (Mentors) also promote the club and each other in social media, by word of mouth, etc.


OTL Guide Me at Home Club Member Responsibilities


We’ve covered everything that the OTL Guide Me at Home Club provides to members (aka Mentors) and Mentees.

As a Mentor, there are a few things that you’ll need to do as an active club member. A few you could categorize as basic prep work, or “one and done’s.” Then, you’ve got ongoing participation tasks.

Remember, you can take a break at any time. You manage your own schedule. But we hope that participation from Mentors and Mentees increases every day!



Guide Me Prep Work

  • Provide a short bio and two-minute, mini-instructional video that the club can use to promote your expertise and Guide Me mentoring in general


  • Have an active PayPal account, or establish one for receipt of session payments


  • Make sure you have Zoom or Google Meet ready to go for video chat sessions


  • Determine which phone method you’ll use if you don’t want to use your personal phone number. There are plenty of free services (Uberconference, Skype, Google Voice, Free Conference Call, etc.)



Moving Forward

  • Maintain an accurate schedule of your availability on your OTL Guide Me at Home page


  • Monitor your email for appointments


  • Maintain your own independent business records* (payments, expenses, etc.) as you’re running your own side gig


  • Be an active member of the Guide Me at Home community – participate in discussions, post on social media, spread the word


  • Go above and beyond to help your Mentees


  • Never solicit personal clients from the Guide Me at Home program – this is a club that benefits everyone, and we’re in this together


*You’re not an employee nor an independent contractor of OTL City Guides & Seat Fillers LLC. Instead, you’re a member of a mentoring club with the benefit of setting up your own part-time service business along with other members.


OTL Guide Me at Home, going old school with new school, distance learning, hiring someone to help with computer
Going Old School with New School, Lifestyles, and Work-styles with OTL Guide Me at Home!

Where do YOU want to be guided?

Online Teachers, Tutors, and Business Mentors

OTL Guide Me at Home ( is going “Old School with New School, Lifestyles, and Work-Styles” with mentors and tutors for all ages – distance learning, mentoring for entrepreneurs, computer skills for everyone, etc.

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