About OTL Guide Me at Home Mentoring


Whether you consider a “MENTOR” to be a short-time tutor OR you’re looking for someone to listen to you, guide you, and help you whether you’re trying to settle on a career, or you’re an entrepreneur that could use support…

Adults, children, seniors… teachers, students, parents, entrepreneurs, home office workers…

Distance learning, entrepreneurial projects and mentoring, homeschooling, basic computer skills, home office tasks, social media, Microsoft Office, Zoom…

OTL Guide Me at Home is one-on-one mentoring through phone calls or live video chats. You don’t have to watch videos or read through FAQs. Instead, you’ll have a mentor, teacher, or subject matter expert to virtually hold your hand and walk you through from problem to solution.

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Why is OTL Guide Me at Home Different?

Live Help at Home

Get answers to your questions, receive tutoring, or establish a relationship with a mentor right from the comfort of home. Grab a phone or your computer.

Phone or Video Chat

Book an appointment and choose your preferred method of one-on-one communication – phone or live video chat.

Book Time When You Need It

There’s no commitment. You can book one appointment that solves everything or take advantage of discounted follow-up sessions.


NO Videos or Manuals

You are personally guided by a mentor, teacher, tutor, or subject matter expert solely focused on the help that you need.

NO Hiring Someone Else

You don’t need to hire someone else to do the work for you when you get stuck. Learn to do it yourself and save money.

NO Frustration

Why take hours to get to the heart of the matter? You can book time with a guide who will solve your problem immediately.

Our Focus

Sometimes we all need a helping hand and we don’t have time to do extensive research or watch hours of instructional videos. What we most want is someone’s undivided attention. Someone to walk us step by step through what we need to learn. Or, maybe we could benefit from support from a mentor to bounce ideas off of and create action plans.

Going old school in a new world of lifestyles and work-styles – virtual hand-holding taking you from problem to solution.

  • Mentoring and Support
  • Distance Learning
  • Support for Entrepreneurs
  • Basic Computer Skills
  • Video Chat & Conferencing
  • Social Media
  • Homeschooling
  • WordPress and Website Development
  • Tutoring for Children, Adults, Seniors

Extension of OTL City Guides & Seat Fillers

OTL Seat Filler Clubs launched in 2014 introducing a new concept of community seat filling in the US and in London. Members pay less than the movie ticket for free pairs of show tickets. OTL’s entertainment partners have a free, private, and easy way to introduce new patrons to their productions and build their audience. A win-win!

In 2019, OTL expanded to be a part of the community city guides. The OTL City Guides website not only hosts the private membership club, but offers free resources including event calendars, directories, blogs, and discounts. Yet another win!

Now, OTL’s mission to create the “best life ever” expands with a second club. This time, OTL Guide Me at Home is a membership club for teachers and subject matter experts, giving them a platform to earn money and share their expertise. It’s a benefit for everyone else, as there’s now a go-to for mentoring, computer support, distance learning, and tutoring without a long-term commitment. A win-win!

Going Old School with New School, Lifestyles, and Work-styles with OTL Guide Me at Home!

Where do YOU want to be guided?


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