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OTL Guide Me at Home Mentoring

Going Old School in a New World

Mentoring by Phone or Video Chat – $35 for 30 Minutes of Undivided Attention


reading tutor

IT security


microsoft office

neuro-linguistic programming

computer help desk

life coach

elementary school

marketing consultant

senior health advising


marketing consultant

adobe in-design

business coach

math tutor


corel draw

reading and math early intervention

dementia care specialist

corel draw


dropbox and online storage

kid-preneur and teen-preneur mentoring

public speaking


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1. Pick a Mentor

2. Make an Appointment

3. Talk one-on-one via phone or video chat

4. Receive undivided attention and answers to your questions

For Mentors

Benefits of Mentoring
  • You don’t have to be a teacher by trade (although we LOVE teachers!) – tutors, student teachers, business mentors, subject matter experts, writers, counselors
  • Set your schedule – this is YOUR side gig
  • Scheduling and invoicing handled for you
  • No start-up costs – or any money exchanged with OTL – we’re in it together!
  • Share your expertise in 30-minute calls or video chats
  • Be a part of a supportive community – OTL Guide Me at Home is a club, not a business

For Mentees

Benefits of Booking a Mentor
  • OTL Guide Me at Home Mentoring is for all ages, all subjects
  • Ger your answers in a personal 30-minute one-to-one call or video chat
  • Book 30 minutes and call it a day, or set up regular appointments
  • Affordable and effective virtual hand-holding
  • Entrepreneurs can find a real mentor to cultivate ideas and move forward – traditional students can have tutors when needed, anyone can be guided and supported by experts in their fields



OTL Guide Me at Home, going old school with new school, distance learning, hiring someone to help with computer
Going Old School with New School, Lifestyles, and Work-styles with OTL Guide Me at Home!

Where do YOU want to be guided?